Business Visa Credit Card

We can help you with your cash flowThe Greater can make a world of difference in the way you go about your business banking.

We’ll give your business a boost when you need it, by maximising your cash flow with a credit card designed to give you flexibility and convenience. Free up some short term cash to help take care of day to day business.

Features include:

Cost effective

  • Low annual fee
  • Up to 55 days interest free if you pay your balance in full each month
  • Balance transfers from your existing cards available
  • Optional automatic transfer for set amount, minimum or full repayment
  • Provide security to obtain the best possible interest rate


  • Make purchases in person, over the phone or internet or by mail
  • Easy ways to make payments with Internet, Mobile or Phone Banking
  • Access to over 3500 ATMs located right around Australia
  • Over 60 convenient branch locations
  • Your card is secure with current chip technology
  • Accepted worldwide as part of the global Visa network

Verified by Visa is a free service which provides you with extra protection and security. To read more about the Verified by Visa Service,click here.

Rates & Fees:

To view the Business Visa Credit Card Fees and Charges, please click here.

To view the Business Credit Card interest rate flyer, pleaseclick here.

To save time when you make an application for a Business Visa Credit Card, here is a list of documents you may need to get things started:

Financial information required

  • Previous two years personal tax returns with Notice of Assessment
  • Previous two years financial statements for the business (full Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet)
  • Previous two years tax returns for the business
  • Interim financial statements for the current financial year - if available
  • Current BAS statements – if applicable
  • 6 months statements on all existing loan and transactional / savings bank accounts (both business and private)
  • Current credit card statements (for all credit cards)
  • If there are any existing leases / hire purchase arrangements, copies of these contracts and evidence payments are current
  • If there is income from rental properties, copies of leases and current rental statements
  • If your business is a start up or you are acquiring an existing business, please provide a Business Plan and Cash Flow Projections

Security Details

  • Property valuations (if available)
  • Certificate of Title details

If you are a new customer we may also ask for additional verification documents depending on the type of business that you have. Please select your entity type from the list below for details.

Sole trader

  • Certificate of Registration of Business Name (if applicable)
  • Franchise Agreement (if applicable)


  • Certificate of Registration of Business Name (if applicable)
  • Franchise Agreement (if applicable)


  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of Company
  • Certificate of Registration of Business Name (if applicable)
  • Franchise Agreement (if applicable)


Formal Trusts

  • Trust Deed (front page only)
  • Certificate of Registration of Business Name (if applicable)



  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Minutes of Meeting or Extract
  • Rules or Constitution or Extract