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The Greater VISA Debit Card

With a Greater Visa Debit Card you can conveniently, safely and securely use your own money to shop in store or online. You stay in control of your spending because you pay for your purchases directly from your own account. You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs around the world and because it is a Visa card it is accepted at millions of locations globally.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Link to a range of everyday accounts with The Greater
  • No annual fee and low transaction fees
  • Use your own money to pay for your everyday purchases
  • Free Internet and Phone Banking
  • BPAY®
  • Chip technology for added security
  • The option of Verified by Visa for added security.

Applying is easy by Visa

You can also use your Greater Visa Debit Card to take advantage of by Visa. by Visa is a new service which enables you to make convenient and secure payments online. by Visa utilises existing Credit and Debit Cards and streamlines the online shopping experience on PC, Tablet and Mobile. Once registered with by Visa, lengthy online payment forms will be a thing of the past as the service enables quick and easy transactions using only an email address and password.

Click Here to find out more and to register your Debit Card for by Visa

Chip technology for added security

Your Greater Visa Debit Card comes with a microchip for improved security. When shopping, you may need to insert your card into the terminal for the duration of the transaction instead of swiping the magnetic strip. In Australia, as of 1st August, 2014, for card present transactions you will be required to use a PIN to authorise the transaction. Signatures may still be accepted at some non PIN terminals. You still use the ATM in the same way you would use a magnetic stripe card. If you are travelling overseas, we strongly recommend that you have a PIN on your chip card.

More tips on credit and debit card security

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