Bonus Saver Account

The Greater’s Bonus Saver Account makes life greater by rewarding you with bonus interest for saving.

If you make at least one deposit per calendar month into your Bonus Saver Account and no withdrawals, you’ll get a big interest rate on your savings. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly so you're actually earning interest on your interest each and every month.

Bonus Saver is a statement only account to help you avoid being tempted to access your savings. So, you get your home deposit, car, holiday, renovation or whatever you are saving for, sooner.

New Customer - Open a Bonus Saver

Existing Customer - Open through Internet Banking

When you sign up for our Bonus Saver Account online, The Greater verifies your identity using greenID™, a secure, privacy-compliant online service. Personal information is collected and compared against information databases from a range of Government and other organisations. For more information follow the link to

Key Features and Benefits

  • Earn a high interest rate, with interest calculated daily and paid monthly. View interest rate schedule
  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No monthly fee
  • Free internet, mobile and phone banking
  • Statement only account - Online Statements available  
  • Access to over 60 Greater branches

Check out our video to see how easy it is for the Bonus Saver to help you reach all your savings goals

Opening an account is easy

New Customer - Open a Bonus Saver

Existing Customer - Open through Internet Banking

  • For Bonus Saver visit your nearest branch
  • For Bonus Saver call 1300 651 40

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Planning your wedding?

Our Bonus Saver is perfect for helping you make your big day perfect

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