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Blackbutt Shelharbour

Blackbutt Forest Reserve

Blackbutt Forest Reserve is a 250 hectare reserve and the last remaining viable remnant of coastal plain forest in the Illawarra region. Greater Bank are donating 3,000 trees!


Blackbutt Shelharbour

Project Status: COMPLETED

Blackbutt has wonderful walking tracks for all ages and a cross country course great for running and cycling. While dominated by the tall blackbutt trees, there are many other varieties including red gum, stringy bark, grey box and coast white box. The trails offer panoramic views of Lake Illawarra, Macquarie Pass, Illawarra Escarpment and Saddleback Mountain.

Planting date: 4th December, 2020.

Diversity of wildlife and vegetation

The Reserve is unique because of its location in the centre of an urban area. The forest contains a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. It also boasts extensive picnic and barbecue facilities as well as children's playgrounds. All year round it is one of the area's most popular family gathering places.

All the plants for this project have established local provenance – collected, sown and grown by Shellharbour City Council’s own retail nursery.

Species to be planted:

  • Guioa – Native quince
  • Thin leave stringybark
  • Blackbutt
  • Forest red gum
  • Lomandra – spiny mat rush
  • Saw sedge
  • Coffee bush
  • Hibbertia – golden guinea vine
  • Kangaroo grass
  • Barbed wire grass

Our Planting Partner - Bass Point, Shellharbour

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