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Heaton Park Planting

Heaton Park, Jesmond

This planting will install canopy trees and low growing groundcovers along a strip of Heaton Park that surrounds sporting fields. Greater Bank are donating 2,500 trees!


Heaton Park Planting

Project Status: PLANNED

Heaton Park Planting plan

Recent studies have shown this area to be one of the hottest in terms of urban heat in Newcastle LGA. The local community regularly use the park to picnic and kick or throw a ball so the aim of the project is to provide shade and cool the area for the benefit of the local community.

Planting dates: To be completed by April, 2021


Our Planting Partner - Newcastle

City Of Newcastle

The City of Newcastle is committed to sustaining and enhancing our urban forest across the city for current and future generations. Urban forest keeps our city cool, absorbs and stores carbon, provides food and shelter for wildlife and keeps our air and water clean. It creates a healthy environment for us to live in and adds character and beauty to our city.