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Ironbark Creek, Wallsend

This planting will revegetate approximately 500 metres of creek bank along a rehabilitated reach of Ironbark Creek in Wallsend. Greater Bank are donating 3,080 trees!

Project Status: COMPLETED


This project will reduce creek bed and bank erosion and continue to reinstate a wildlife corridor that extends from Elermore Vale through Wallsend and into the internationally significant Hexham Swamp and Hunter Wetlands National Park.

Planting dates: To be completed by July, 2021

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City of Newcaslte

The City of Newcastle is committed to sustaining and enhancing our urban forest across the city for current and future generations. Urban forest keeps our city cool, absorbs and stores carbon, provides food and shelter for wildlife and keeps our air and water clean. It creates a healthy environment for us to live in and adds character and beauty to our city.