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Mayfield West forest

Bull & Tourle Street Reserve, Mayfield West

This planting will sustain and enhance a pocket of Coastal Foothills Spotted Gum Ironbark Forest for the community and native wildlife. Greater Bank are donating 5,000 trees!


Mayfield West forest

Bull & Tourle Street Reserve Status: COMPLETED.

The project will plant a mixture of native grasses, groundcovers, shrubs and trees. In the years to come, it will provide a range of benefits including shade, cleaner air, reduced erosion and stormwater runoff as well as increased habitat for native animals and improved individual health and wellbeing.

Planting dates: 20th November, 2020.

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City of Newcastle

The City of Newcastle is committed to sustaining and enhancing our urban forest across the city for current and future generations. Urban forest keeps our city cool, absorbs and stores carbon, provides food and shelter for wildlife and keeps our air and water clean. It creates a healthy environment for us to live in and adds character and beauty to our city.