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Porters Creek

Porter's Creek

This planting assisted to preserve and protect the biodiversity of Porter’s Creek Wetland, considered the most important wetland on the Central Coast. Greater Bank donated 3,150 trees!

Porters Creek

Project Status: COMPLETED

Porters Creek

As the largest freshwater wetland in the Central Coast region, Porter’s Creeks is valuable for drinking water, flood mitigation, biodiversity and health of the Tuggerah Lakes. It is located north-west of the Wyong urban area and extends into the surrounding Melaleuca and Eucalypt swamp forests. The wetlands are comprised of a mixture of reed lands, sedge lands and rushlands in areas of more permanent water inundation.

Planting date: May 26th, 2021.


Protection and preservation of biodiversity

Millions of plants and animals that can cope with the wet and the dry times live in this basin and form the wetland which provides habitat for:

  • More than one hundred fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species
  • Almost two hundred plant species, including nine species of paperbarks

The wetland is also known to contain numerous threatened species and endangered ecological communities along with rare swamp forests. There are more than:

  • 5 threatened plants species
  • 6 threatened bats
  • 4 threatened frogs
  • 4 endangered ecological communities

All the action from our Porter's Creek planting day

Our Planting Partner - Central Coast

Central Coast Council

The values of the Central Coast community are strongly tied to their local natural environment, including beaches, waterways, ridges, estuaries, lakes, and valley floors. The parks, gardens and natural bush land contribute to the lifestyle, culture and beauty of the region.