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The Tamworth Planting Project will be located around the AELEC (Australian Equine Livestock Exchange Centre) and NICSE (Northern Inland Centre of Sporting Excellence) precinct. Greater Bank are donating 10,000 trees to these areas!

Project Status: COMPLETED

The area around Tamworth's AELEC and NCISE has previously been farming land and has very few trees. Both areas are a significant driver of visitors to the region for a varying number of sporting and agricultural events.

Planting dates: October 2020 - May 2021

Tamworth planting project key features

Since the completion of both complexes, there has been a focus on the planting of trees in this area. The aim is to beautify the area as well as:

- Rehabilitate the soil, which has been damaged by previous farming practices.
- To encourage wildlife to come back to the area through the planting of indigenous species.
- Provide shade, windbreaks, and line the cross country track.

Species to be planted:

  • Acacia sp – Wattle
  • Callistemon sp – Bottlebrush
  • Corymbia maculata – Spotted Gum
  • Corymbia torelliana – Cadaghi
  • Brachychiton populneus – Kurrajong Tree
  • Brachychiton rupestris – QLD Bottle Tree
  • Eucalyptus crebra – Narrow Leaf Ironbark
  • Eucalyptus blakelyi – Blakelyi Red Gum
  • Eucalyptus populnea – Bimble Box
  • Eucalyptus salubris - Gimlet
  • Eucalyptus torquata – Coral Gum
  • Flindersia maculosa – Leopardwood
  • Geijera parviflora – Wilga
  • Melaleuca sp
  • Pittosporum phillyreoides – Butterbush

Find out more about our planting partner

Tamworth Regional Council

Tamworth Regional Council is committed to environmental sustainability and sustainable development. Specifically, Council recognises the need to protect and enhance our natural and built environments if we want a healthy, connected and sustainable future.

Our Tamworth planting sites


The Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) opened in September 2008 in Tamworth, North Western NSW, Australia.

In the late 1980s, a small number of individuals saw the opportunity for growth in the equine and livestock industries and began agitating for improved facilities in Tamworth. This eventually grew to the formation of a working group in 2000, where 38 potential user groups were represented to begin planning what has now become known as AELEC in Tamworth. The AELEC covers some 70Ha with a purpose-built entertainment centre with stable shelter along with a cross country area.


The Northern Inland Centre of Sporting Excellence (NISCE) covers some 24Ha which includes Tamworth’s Sports Dome, new Velodrome and Athletics Track along with the Hockey Centre. There is also another planned oval to be built at a future date. The addition of street trees would create windbreaks and screening for these facilities due to the prevailing winds.

Our Tamworth planting day