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Author: Dave Tanchevski

Getting the right Car Loan

Our Hamilton Branch Manager and resident motoring expert, Dave Tanchevski, shares five tips on getting a car and a car loan that meets your financial needs.

The Greater’sNew Car Loan  has beengiven a prestigious 5-star rating from Canstar Cannex. Looking down the list of ratings, there isn’t another Building Society or a Bank in sight.

Here’s my tips to have you driving the highway with your motor running.

1. Get the best interest rate

When you are comparing car loan interest rates make sure you use the Comparison Rate or True Rate. This rate takes into account ongoing fees and charges. If you are offered a special rate, check what rate it will revert to when the honeymoon is over.

2. Loan features

Check whether you are able to make additional repayments and if can you redraw those additional payments. Do you get other features like free Internet and phone banking?

You also want to be able to repay the loan early at any time without incurring fees. The faster you can repay your loan, the more money you’ll save in interest.

3. The car’s life

If you’re buying a used car it pays to do some simple background checks to gauge how easy or tough a life the car has had.

A comprehensive mechanical inspection is a must, as well as a quick check of the car’s log books to see if the car has been regularly serviced and kept in optimum condition.

A REVS check will also tell you if previous owners have any outstanding debt on the car, or if it has been listed as a repairable write-off. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that already owes someone else money or one that has been in a major accident.

4. Ongoing costs

The car you are choosing may be cool but is it a gas guzzler or one that will have you, or a mechanic, under its bonnet too often? Make sure you can afford the petrol and maintenance on your new vehicle. No point having new wheels and no cash to take her for a spin.

5. Insure the new love of your life

The other costs you need to remember aside from registration, is insurance. You must have a Greenslip (third party insurance) but it is also important to consider comprehensive insurance to protect you against the theft of or damage to your car. We require that cars offered as security for a personal loan are registered in NSW or QLD and are comprehensively insured.