Author: Bruce White

Mobile Banking

Our Chief Information Officer Bruce White says smartphone use is on the rise in Australia and takes you through how easy it is to do your banking on one.

A recent survey by Ipsos/Google shows smartphone usage in Australia is matching that of PCs.

The survey shows Australia is second in the world, only to Singapore, in market penetration of smartphones. While 37 per cent of Australians now own a smartphone, Google says that by the end of this year 50 per cent of all Australian adults will own one. The research is part of a wider survey of mobile internet usage involving 30,000 people across 30 countries.

The Greater Building Society has launched a mobile banking service and made enhancements to its existing iPhone app.

So now you can access real time account balances and recent transaction histories, perform account transfers, make third party payments and pay bills using BPayⓇ via the Greater’s iPhone app or on a smartphone. That includes iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android phones. (Although we haven’t specifically designed it for Blackberrys, a number of our customers are also able to use mobile banking on those phones too.)

The service is free and easy. You just have to be registered for Internet banking to use it and have JavaScript enabled and be able to accept session cookies.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Mobile banking is just as secure as internet banking with funds covered by the same security features. Features include SSL encryption, daily transaction limits and exception reporting for security.

Follow the same basic security precautions you do with a personal computer. Financial information which is accessed using your mobile phone is not stored on your mobile phone at any time.

View our Mobile Banking demo

Download the Greater's iPhone app here

Will you use your smartphone for banking? If not, why not? Other than phone calls, what else do you use your smartphone for?