Author: Don Magin

Medical Research Week

CEO Don Magin writes about why the Greater Building Society cares that it is Medical Research Week.

This week is Medical Research Week. 

Why is that important and of interest to The Greater Building Society? Medical research is making life greater for people, including for our customers and our staff. 

Let me tell you a story about 26 year old Crystal Fitzgibbon who is leading her normal life today because of research undertaken by the talented people at Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI). 

Crystal was fit and active but suffered a stroke that paralysed her right side and left her speechless. As swiftly as the stroke struck, a new drug restored normality. This new drug was being trialled against the standard clot busting drug by the world-leading HMRI Stroke Research Group. Three days later Crystal was out of hospital and back at home – her speech, movement and vitality restored. Crystal is back studying and planning a wedding. 

What happened to Crystal could happen to you or a loved one. Without the tireless and painstaking research undertaken by the people at HMRI and other medical research institutes around Australia, many of us would not be alive today or we would not be living the lives we take for granted. 

The Greater’s staff are very proud of the fact that, through the Greater Charitable Foundation, we are a Foundation Circle Partner of HMRI. On behalf of our customers, over the past 14 years we have provided more than $1.3 million to HMRI. Our staff have also assisted HMRI in fundraising events and provided other business support to help them to grow into one of Australia’s leading health and medical research institutes. 

We have felt privileged to be able to support a range of ground-breaking and beneficial research from the demonstration of the effectiveness of a common cold virus (Coxsackievirus A21) as a treatment to kill melanoma cells, through to the work being done by HMRI Greater Building Society Senior Research Fellow in Stroke Dr Neil Spratt and the outstanding Stroke team. 

We care about medical research and HMRI because, like HMRI, The Greater and our Charitable Foundation have our hearts in improving life outcomes for families and communities in regional Australia. The work of HMRI is making a real difference to our customers, staff members and other community members in the areas in which we operate. 

At the Greater, we believe all businesses must give back to their communities. As a customer owned organisation, we can put our profits into community support, rather than into shareholder pockets. 

Congratulations to all at HMRI and other medical researchers around Australia. Please keep up the great work.