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Sydney-siders, come and live in regional NSW

Our PR guy, Craig Eardley, writes how he made the move from Sydney to Newcastle 15 years ago and has never looked back. The Greater Building Society is sponsoring the Country & Regional Living Expo in Sydney next month to showcase the benefits of living, working and investing in regional NSW to Sydney-siders.

My wife is a Novocastrian, and they never leave. So, after going out for several years, me in Sydney and she in Newcastle, I packed my bags and left Sydney for good.  I thought I'd miss Sydney more than I did. There is nowhere like home but the Hunter has offered an affordable place for us to raise a family and I enjoy a great lifestyle, close to the beach, lakes, mountains and the beautiful Hunter Valley. (OK, I'm sounding like a Hunter Tourism ad now.)

Newcastle, like many regional NSW centres, has big city services without the traffic. I used to laugh to myself when I first arrived in Newcastle and people talked about traffic. My ten minute trip to my new workplace was the same distance as the trip I used to make to work in Sydney. My trip in Sydney took an hour - on a good day.

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The ability to have more time in the day for work and family, to get the balance right is one of the most appealing things about moving to regional NSW. More affordable housing is another.

At the Country & Regional Living Expo at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens (August 3 to 5) exhibitors from more than 60 communities in NSW will be helping Sydney-siders to walk NSW in a day. The Hunter is just one of many options for relocation.

The annual Expo is organised by the Foundation for Regional Development Limited (FRD).  The Greater is proud to be a regional NSW-based business and to be supporting the Expo. We have 57 branches across regional NSW, committed to making life greater for local people.

If you are starting a family,  a tree-changer or a sea changer looking for a fresh start, away from the rat-race, or a business interested in investing outside of Sydney, then get along to the Expo. Make sure you say hi to the staff at The Greater's stand. There will be a NSW Famers Market too with great produce.

Life can be greater is regional NSW.

Country & Regional Living Expo

ROSEHILL GARDENS - James Ruse Drive, Rosehill. Fri 3 August 12 noon - 4pm Sat 4 August 9am - 4pm Sun 5 August 9am - 4pm


View the Expo Program 

Have you relocated from Sydney to regional NSW or are you considering a move? Share your thoughts below. 


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Sam Graham


Eugenio R. Corpus III

I've lived in Sydney ever since I arrived from the Philippines but on the weekends I always try to go to Pokolbin in my cousins vineyard. I got interested to move to the regional NSW but I don't have the skills and trainings that are essentials in the country life. I have a Certificate IV in IT, finished my Cisco course, certificate III in competitive manufacturing, worked in Computershare NSW. so I decided to go to the Philippines again and train to be a farmer, I grew up in a farm but we don't use power tools and heavy equipments all by hands so I have to train in Backhoe operations, frontloader operation, tractor and welding. Now, the hard part, how do I convert those overseas skills into Australian skills? Can I just apply to jobs in the regional NSW with those new skills I learned overseas? Can you please help me find a employment agency that I can contact regarding my job search for the regional NSW? Regards, Eugenio R. Corpus III


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