Author: Karen Tracey

Greater staff join Captain Starlight in Armidale

Our Armidale Branch Manager Karen Tracey talks about her first day of volunteering with Captain Starlight to bring a smile to the face of sick kids at the local hospital.

There were a handful of kids in the ward yesterday when Wilma Izzeard (Customer Service Officer) and I joined Captains Arty and Sunshine at Armidale Hospital.  The Captains were amazing to watch, the way they used different games to have some fun with the kids. From the 18 year old who had his appendix removed through to the tiny baby. We blew bubbles, made balloons, had sword-fights, and played Uno. (Nobody felt like having their face painted this time around but I hope someone does next time.) 

There is a serious side to all the fun of course. Hospitals give great care but they are not places you want to be, particularly if you are a child. I’m a mother of two and luckily have only been in hospital to have my children. In the hour or so we were there we took the kids’ (and the mum of the little baby) minds off their illness and focus of being positive. For kids who are in hospital for a long time I can see how extremely important this would be to their recovery.

 It was a great morning and I am looking forward to the next visit.