Author: Kris Carter

Maitland Hospital Starlight Visit

Greater Building Society Maitland branch Manager Kris Carter had a ball helping Captain Starlight put a smile on the face of sick kids at Maitland Hospital. She says Rutherford Branch Manager Peter Marquet did too, and he now wants to be called Captain Petey.


Peter (or should I say Captain Petey) and I had a great time helping out captains Scallywag and Sunshine from Starlight Children’s Foundation last week. 


The captains do an amazing job of putting a smile on the face of sick kids. We helped the kids to make monster puppets and animal balloons. There were plenty of games amid sprinklings of fairy dust. Peter really got into the spirit of the day. He now says he wishes to be known as Captain Petey or Starlight Warrior.


Peter and I got to go to the hospital as part of the Greater Charitable Foundation’s support for Starlight. As well as providing funding of more than $500,000 over three years to support regular visits to a number of hospitals across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, and the Starlight wish granting program, the Greater Charitable Foundation arranges for our staff to volunteer to support Starlight and its other seven charity partners. We were the first support crew from The Greater to support a Maitland visit. 

I am a mother of two and Peter is a father of two. Hospital isn’t fun for kids or their families. Peter was saying that he experienced the wonders of Starlight when his son was in hospital being diagnosed with diabetes some years ago. We both were thrilled to be able to give some support to this wonderful charity as it helps hospital staff and improves the well-being of the kids.


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