Author: Steve Goverd

Travel tips and winners

The four lucky winners of our Golden Cash Passport Competition have $2,000 toward their next holiday. Our Partnership Manager, Steve Goverd, shares their stories and our handy travel checklist. 

The Greater was like Willy Wonka over the past four weeks. Everyone who purchased either travel money or travel insurance between September 10 and October 5 went in to the draw to win one of four Golden Multi-currency Cash Passports.

The $2,000 Cash Passports (rather than the golden tickets) went to these happy customers. 


                           Morisset Manager, Kelly Keywood, presents Nola with her prize.


These were not the only holiday prizes our customers have won recently. Lauren from Cessnock proved good luck can come in threes after having a birthday, getting engaged and winning the NEWFM Triple Play getaway Competition sponsored by The Greater, all in three days. Lauren and fiancée Paul are off to Fiji for four nights flying Jetstar, staying at the Shangri-La Resort.  Patrick and Christie were able to go sky diving in Hawaii and take a chopper over Las Vegas after winning $5,000 in a national competition courtesy of Cash Passport. 

So many Australians are taking the opportunity that the high Australian dollar and relatively low airfares are giving them to travel overseas. A Tourism Forecasting Committee report released by Tourism Research Australia in April predicts that Australians will take 11 million overseas trips a year by 2021. 

If you, like our winners, are planning an overseas trip, make sure you talk to us about all your travel money and travel insurance needs.  Here is a handy checklist to help you to get organised once you have booked your flights and accommodation. 

  1. Check your passport is valid for at least six months past your return date and that you have all the visas you need.
  2. Stay up-to-date with the latest government travel warnings at
  3. Organise travel insurance to protect you if the unexpected occurs. The Greater offers a wide range of Allianz travel insurance policies at a competitive price.
  4. Check with your mobile phone provider on the global roaming fees and charges associated with using your phone overseas or buy a travel SIM card.
  5. Check vaccination and health alerts for your destination at
  6. Work out which foreign exchange option suits your needs. The Greater offers a Cash Passport card that provides a secure and convenient way to access your money overseas in 7 different currencies.
  7. Organise local currency for stopovers, taxis, meals and tipping. The Greater has one of Australia’s largest and most competitive ranges of foreign currency with 50 different currencies available.
  8. Make copies of your passport, travel insurance policy, card numbers, ticket details as well as emergency phone numbers.
  9. If you are taking medications make sure you have enough for the duration of your trip and carry them in a clear case in your carry-on luggage with a letter from your doctor.
  10. Ensure your luggage is solid and lockable. Apply name and address labels inside and out, as well as something to make it easily recognisable e.g. a strap or ribbon.
  11. Take extra an extra battery and memory card for your digital camera to ensure no moment is missed!


Travel money, travel insurance and travel tips, are another way we make life greater for our customers.  Please share your other travel checklist tips below.