Author: Rosy Jansen

Pay yourself first

Our Nerang Branch Manager, Rosy King, shares her best tip for getting into the right New Year's savings habit.

Amongst the resolutions we make around this time of the year a common one is to get ourselves into better financial shape by making a concerted effort to save more than what we did last year.

If that's something you'd like to do, the best tip I can give is a simple one - pay yourself first!

Work out how much you'd like to be saving each pay period and when payday arrives, put it straight into a savings account that is separate from your everyday transaction account. The Greater's Bonus Saver account is perfect for this purpose.

Whether you're saving for a holiday, a car, a home, or just to have money set aside for bills, by paying yourself first and then spending last you'll quickly get into a good saving habit and are likely to find that you'll spend less.


Please share any of your own savings tips below.