Author: DavidBryde

Video: How our Bonus Saver Account works to help make your savings grow faster

Our Product Manager David Bryde shows you a new video that explains how our Bonus Saver Account can help make it easier for you to reach your savings goal sooner. 

Are you struggling to save for a holiday, a deposit for a home, a car or boat, something for your business or for your kids' education? What ever your savings goal,  the Greater Building Society's Bonus Saver Account makes it easy to realise your dream sooner.



Every month that you make a deposit into your Bonus Saver Account, and don't take any money out, we reward you with high interest for that month. Deposits can be as simple as a deduction from your pay or an automatic transfer from another account.

To keep receiving high interest each month, simply make one deposit and no withdrawals and we'll keep paying you the high interest.

Another great feature of our Bonus Saver Account is that interest is calculated daily and paid monthly, so you earn interest on your interest.

So remember, each month, one deposit, no withdrawals. It makes your savings Greater!

You can apply for a Bonus Saver Account online now. If you prefer, phone us on 1300 651 400 or call into a local Greater branch and one of our friendly staff will set you up with an account in no time at all.

Our Bonus Saver Account is another way can help to make your life Greater.

Have you got a Bonus Saver or have you used one to successfully save for a special purchase? Please share your story below or feel free to ask a question or make a comment about the account or the video.