Author: Sue Smart

15 things to do with $1,500 from your new Greater Building Society home loan

Right now the Greater Building Society is giving $1,500 cash back on all of its home loans. Our Bathurst Lending Manager Sue Smart shares our list of 15 things you could do with $1,500. What would you do with $1,500? 

You read it right. The Greater Building Society is giving new home loan customers $1,500 cash back when they take out any home loan with a minimum amount of $200,000.

That is a huge saving on top of The Greater’s already low home loan interest rates. The cash-back offer applies to people refinancing or swapping their home loan from a bank or another financial institution to The Greater as well as to new loan borrowers.

Here is our list of 15 things you could do with your $1,500 saving.


1. Take a holiday (although if you take out a Greater Getaways (standard variable) Home Loan you will get a FREE holiday and $1,500 cash back)

2. Buy pretty much every CD in the Top 100

3. Buy a new 55 inch 3D Smart TV

4. Buy a his and hers iphone or android phone so you can do your Greater internet banking using our mobile banking apps

5. Buy three ipads or tablets

6. Buy yourself a decent new push bike (and perhaps a couple for the kids)

7.  Shout 10 friends to The Big Day Out or to the theatre, depending on your taste

8. Buy 100 bottles of wine (one a week for two years)

9. Buy 30 cases of beer (a case a month for more than two years)

10.  Donate $1,500 to your favourite charity or one of the charities supported by The Greater

11. Buy a new microwave, coffee maker and dishwasher for your new home

12. Pay back your mates – we know you have been meaning to get around to it for months.

13. Shout 15 friends to a fancy dinner.

14. Treat yourself to your favourite cafe coffee every day for a year or treat yourself to coffee and cake once a week for three years.

15. Use it to make an additional payment on your home loan. A $1,500 additional repayment made at the start of your $300,000 home loan will save you another $7,000 in interest over 30 years at a rate of 5.69%.

Hurry, this very generous offer can only be for a limited time.  Talk to me or one of my colleagues at your nearest Greater branch or by calling 131386 to get a new home loan with great rates, low fees, outstanding service AND $1,500 cash-back.

What would you do with $1,500? Please add to our list below.