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Author: Peta Davies

Greater's "shower scene" commercial for $1,500 cash back loan offer

Our Head of Marketing Peta Davies talks about the “ shower scene” in The Greater’s latest  TV commercial to promote its $1,500 cash-back home loan offer.

The Greater Building Society is apologising in advance to all of the parents whose kids copy the antics of primary school student and actress Coco Gillies and turn the shower on while mum or dad are fixing it or cleaning it. Hey, it could even give you an excuse to avoid those menial tasks!

Our latest TV commercial went to air on Sunday to promote our new $1,500 cash back home loan offer.

We shot this vignette last year when we were shooting our new, successful Greater Moments Campaign to replace our Seinfeld campaign and have been waiting to use it for this commercial.

Renovating your home and having fun with your sometimes cheeky kids are two great moments in life. The Greater’s cash-back offer gives you one more reason to choose an already low rate home loan from The Greater.

If the dad in the advert looks familiar that is because he is Jon Sivewright. Jon played Tony Holden for five years (2005 to 2010) in Home and Away. The miner and fire-fighter turned to acting late in life and scored the role only a few years after graduating from The Actor’s centre in Sydney. Jon and Coco  were a delight to work with on the shoot.

Now, does the voice-over guy sound familiar too? Think of the film “Kenny”. That’s right, Shane Jacobson does the announcing in this commercial. We reckon his down to earth voice talks to our customers and reflects our down to earth and friendly service.

Have you ever had a similar “shower scene” or “renovation scene” episode at your place? Please share your story below. If you want more information about our $1,500 cash-back home loan offer then call into a Greater Branch or  phone 1313 86.


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Hi Grant Jon knew what was coming but he did a good job of giving the impression that he didn't. Hope you won the debate!



Can you answer a question we debate every time we see this ad? Did Jon Sivewright know he was going to get wet in the shower scene, or was it a spontaneous action by Coco Gillies? Thanks.