Author: Miranda Oakman-Jensen

Mighty Miranda helps put a smile on the face of sick kids

Read why one of our Lismore branch customer service officers is now called "Mighty Miranda" after she helped Captain Starlight put a smile on the face of sick kids in Lismore Hospital last week. 

When I arrived at Lismore Base Hospital for my first volunteering session with Starlight Children's Foundation's Captain Starlight Program I had my name changed. Captains Rock-it and Gumbo dubbed me "Mighty Miranda".

Over the next few hours I marvelled at how skilled these two captains were at putting a smile on to the face of sick kids. They were the mighty ones.

They did face painting, magic tricks, singing, playing cards, putting on fake tattoos and making balloon animals. The kids and their siblings faces lit up, as the kids in hospital forgot about their illness for a while.

I learned to make balloon flowers and think I mastered it.

I am the mother of a 19 month old. Thankfully, I have never had to take my child to hospital but I can appreciate what a tough time it is for kids who are in hospital and their parents.

With funding from the Greater Charitable Foundation, Captain Starlight is now able to regularly visit Lismore Hospital, five other regional NSW hospitals and three Gold Coast hospitals. And Greater Building Society staff like me get to volunteer to help Starlight and the other charity partners to deliver their programs to help local people.

Starlight is one of nine charity partners supported by the Greater Charitable Foundation so far. Starlight is a perfect partner to help achieve the Greater Charitable Foundation’s aim of making a lasting difference to the life outcomes for families and communities in areas served by The Greater.

They made it look easy but this an important therapy program that helps kids to forget about their illness and to have some fun for a time.

Thanks Starlight for your great work with kids and their families and thanks for letting me be a part of it today. I did leave the hospital feeling a little bit "mightier".

Miranda Oakman-Jensen is a Customer Service Officer at Lismore branch.

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