Author: Gary Luck

Celebrating 10 years of Kidzwish making lives greater

Our Wollongong Branch Manager, Gary Luck, shares a new documentary style video which shows how Kidzwish has helped to make life greater for special kids in the Illawarra and their families over the past 10 years.

“Thank you so much for the KidzWish Christmas Party! It brought a tear to my eye to see my kids having such a great time. The generosity of strangers to help make it all possible was amazing. It was a day where we were able to forget about doctors, hospitals and therapy and just let the kids have fun. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”  That quote comes from the carer of some of the many children who have been helped by Illawarra charity, The KidzWish Foundation.

2013 marks 10 years of KidzWish making a difference to sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. To mark the occasion, KidzWish has produced a video.

The documentary tells the stories of some of these remarkable children and their families. It also  takes you behind the scenes to show how a small team of dedicated KidzWish staff and some generous volunteers manage to pull off a spectacular Christmas Party now attended by more than 4,300 kids and their carers each year. The Stockland KidzWish Christmas Party for Special Children is a unique pantomime style spectacular that delights the kids, giving them to a day of fun, laughter  and presents. It has allowed them to see big stars including Cosentino, The Wiggles, Yo Gabba Gabba and Ben 10. Parents and carers, who give so much to their kids, get so much out of the day too.

The Christmas Party is just one of the services provided by KidzWish.

Each year KidzWish launches a “Grant a Local Kidz Wish" campaign to raise funds so a special child can attend this amazing party and free up money that can then be spent on providing other life changing support services. KidzWish is entirely self funded and is only able to make a difference to special children thanks to the generosity of people like you and their sponsors. You can help to grant a special wish for a local child to go to the Christmas Party. A tax-deductible donation of  $50 is all it takes. All donations over $2 are tax deductable. If you can't support a child by yourself, you can always get together as a group.

The Greater Building Society has created a Grant a Local KidzWish team page through which you can donate.

The Greater is a proud supporter of KidzWish in a number of ways. I have had the privilege of being involved with KidzWish since I joined the Greater Building Society four years ago, and have served on the Board as Vice Chairman for the past three years.

During that time I have seen the difference KidzWish has made to so many people’s lives. Volunteering for KidzWish has also changed my life and the lives of many of the Greater’s Illawarra staff. 

If you can’t donate, think about volunteering for KidzWish. 

There are some kids for whom unfortunately you can’t do much to change their future, but you can something to make their now more enjoyable. Please join The Greater in supporting KidzWish.

Enjoy the video documentary.