Author: Lynn Mangovski

Michael's story: Thank God for the Salvos

Our Development Manager Lynn Mangovski was reminded yesterday why it is important for Greater Building Society and our community to support the Salvation Army and its upcoming Red Shield Appeal.

Michael had lost his job, his licence, and his girlfriend. In his early 20s, he was living on the streets of Newcastle, hopelessly addicted to alcohol. Not just alcohol. He was drinking methylated spirits, even aftershave, whatever he could get his hands on. The abuse of his body eventually caught up with him and he found himself in a psychiatric ward. He often found himself in places and did not know how he got there. He usually drank until he blacked out.

How do I know this story? Because Michael was bravely telling it to 500 people yesterday at the Business Lunch to launch the Red Shield Appeal in the Hunter region. He was sober, dressed in a suit, eloquent and funny. He was back working as a nurse, driving and five years sober.

How did this transformation happen? The Salvation Army.

The Salvos helped Michael get into rehab. Soon he was back on the streets. They helped him again. Same story. Many people and organisations would have not even tried to help Michael or would have given up then. But it was third time lucky in rehab for Michael and the Salvos took him there.

Thank God for The Salvos.

The Greater is proud to be a supporter of the annual Red Shield Appeal in the Hunter. We are encouraging other businesses and members of the community to also support the Salvos. Please dig deep when they come calling on May 25 and 26.

Here's a great video featuring Appeal Ambassador and Australian Idol winner Stan Walker and his new son "Take it Easy".

You can donate now on the Red Shield Appeal website or at any Greater branch.

The Salvos are aiming to raise more than $1.8 million from the Appeal in the Hunter this year to help it to continue to support people in the community who have fallen on hard times or in the face of disaster. In return the Salvos will spend almost $9 million on an amazing range of local services including hospitality training for homeless young people, detoxification and rehabilitation services for addicts, residential housing for men, emergency accommodation for women and children, financial and other counselling, as well as chaplaincy for the sick and the elderly.  They also fund other services in the Hunter  independently of the Red Shield Appeal.

Please help an organisation that gives so much to our community and the people within it. An organisation that has one of the lowest rates of administration of any Australian charity.

You'll be helping to help someone like Michael to turn their life around.