Author: Jason Byrne

Making Internet Banking greater

Our Online Channel Manager Jason Byrne outlines some recent improvements to Internet Banking to make it greater for customers. 

The Greater Building Society has made some changes to its Internet Banking service to make the FREE service even greater for customers.




  • The layout of the log on page has changed so we can keep customers better informed of news and important information.
  • With one click customers can now view the last 50 transactions on an account.
  • Statements are easier to use and now displayed with the ‘most recent’ view.
  • Loan customers can now view how much they are in advance or arrears on the accounts screen.

Below is some more information about the main changes.

Transactions Screen

You are now able to view the last 50 transactions on your selected account with just one click. This screen also makes it easy to quickly switch between accounts. There is also a new 'Advanced Search', to deliver a more detailed search result.






Statements are now easier to use, with the most recent statements view now available.






You are now able to view the advance/arrears amount on the Accounts screen for current home loans and personal loans.





We hope that you enjoy these new enhancements, and we look forward to continue rolling out new improvements to Internet Banking in the near future.

If you have any questions please call our customer service centre on 1300 651 400 or pop in to your nearest Greater branch. Please feel free to ask a question or let us know what you think of the changes below.