Author: Kelly Eather

Stepping up in STEPtember for people with Cerebral Palsy

Kelly Eather is one of 84 of our staff who are stepping up to help people with Cerebral Palsy and improve their fitness during STEPtember. 

It’s that time of year again – time to get out from behind the desk, swap the heels for joggers and get stepping!

Last year was the first time I participated in the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s STEPtember Challenge - a challenge that requires the participants to walk a total of 10,000 steps a day from 4 September until 2 October to raise funds and awareness for Cerebral Palsy.

The Greater Building Society has had a close connection to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) for many years. Since 2008, The Greater has supported CPA and its mentoring programs, and now the Greater Charitable Foundation also funds the mentoring programs and various other initiatives undertaken by CPA in our local community.

I am extremely passionate about the work CPA do and the people they help. Because of The Greater’s close involvement, I have been lucky enough to volunteer and help coordinate three of CPA’s mentoring programs. From my experience with these programs, I have come to meet so many inspirational young people living with Cerebral Palsy, and have seen first-hand the struggles they face and the courage they have to persevere. It is for them that I will be pulling on my joggers and taking the stairs during the month of September.

Last year, my team was the only Greater team entered in STEPtember. This year, we have 21 teams – and this number continues to grow! In total, that is 84 Greater staff members stepping together to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic cause. This is a testament to the passion our staff have for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the work they do. This passion has continued to grow, as we as an organisation continue to fund and support CPA initiatives.

It is a sad fact that the average office worker takes on average only 2,500 steps a day. I encourage everyone to take on this challenge, improve your health, and improve the life outcomes for those people in our community living with Cerebral Palsy.

Every 15 hours an Australian is born with Cerebral Palsy. Help people with Cerebral Palsy: start stepping.

Find out more or support a Greater team here.

Are you doing STEPtember or do you want to send a message of encouragement or a stepping tip to a Greater team member? Please leave your comments below.