Author: Belinda Young

Putting a smile on the faces of sick kids in Lismore

One of our customer service officers who works in our Lismore, Ballina and Casino branches, Belinda Young, highly recommends volunteering for Starlight Children's Foundation after her visit with Captain Starlight to Lismore Hospital. 

What a rewarding morning I spent at the Lismore Hospital with Captain Starlight from Starlight Children's Foundation earlier this week. Lynne Frankham (Ballina Lending Officer) and I volunteered as part of the Greater Charitable Foundation's support of Starlight.

To see the smile on the kids faces and the pleasure they get from the Captains interacting with them is priceless.   The kids had so much fun as the Captains entertained them with balloon flowers and animals, magic tricks, bubbles, games and songs. For a while they are taken away from whatever has brought them to hospital and relieved of the boredom of being in hospital.

Lynne and I learnt a few things along the way too. We made balloon flowers and I also did a magic trick with the children.We also scripted and produced a small animated feature film with help from a couple of the kids.  We created the characters from plasticine then the Captains recorded each movement on an ipad, then our voices and music were added and it all came together in this beautiful little movie.


It is such a great feeling to bring a little brightness to these kids (and their parents) days and if anyone is considering doing it I thoroughly recommend it. I volunteered because another staff member who had done so reported how great it is and she was so right.