Author: Anne-Maree James-Yates

Blowing bubbles with Captain Starlight for sick kids

Our Erina Branch Manager Anne-Maree James Yates discovers she is an excellent bubble blower as she helps Captain Starlight put a smile on the faces of sick kids at Gosford Hospital. 


I had a fantastic day on Tuesday (October 15) helping Captain Starlight from the Starlight Children's Foundation put a smile on the faces of sick kids at Gosford Hospital. I was joined by my colleague and The Entrance Branch Manager Vicki Briggs.

It was great to be able to see what Starlight do for these children who don't have much to smile about.  The children really appreciated the distraction from their illnesses.

I wasn't sure at first how I would help but I quickly discovered I am an excellent bubble blower. We were also able to give the children a handmade patchwork “blankie” each which was a nice touch.

The Captains have so much patience, and know exactly what to say. Every child engaged with them, and they were sympathetic to each individual, and spoke to them as if they were family.

The time flew by so quickly. A great day was had by all, not just the children, but the parents who needed a break, and the nurses who laughed along with the jokes.

I will certainly be volunteering again, especially if they have some singing next time. I'm going to be practising in the shower!

Congratulations Starlight Children's Foundation on a great initiative and a special congratulations to Captain Starlight.

The Greater Charitable Foundation is funded by the profits of Greater Building Society. The Foundation has provided more than $500,000 for Starlight to be able to, for the first time ever, provide regular visits to a number of hospitals in regional NSW and on the Gold Coast and to also support its Wishgranting program. As well as providing funding, the Greater Charitable Foundation arranges for Greater staff to volunteer to support the work of its charity partners.  A total of 140 staff have volunteered more than 65 hours of support across its nine charity partners.

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