Author: Greg Taylor

Business Finance: XERO in on internet based accounting for business

Our CFO Greg Taylor talks about the benefits of new new links for business banking customers using the online, cloud-based accounting package, XERO.  

The Greater Building Society has introduced links with XERO for the benefit of business banking customers using the software.

XERO is an online, cloud-based, accounting package which allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their operations from anywhere that they have access to the internet. It is important to note that XERO is a private service for which businesses pay monthly plans. Customers are also still able to continue to use the BankLink service too.

XERO means you can give your accountant access to your financial information via the online interface so you can work together closely to manage the financial performance of your business.

If you register for ‘bank feeds’ we can now upload transactional data automatically each morning. Your account information is presented within the XERO software so you and your accountant can make informed decisions about the performance of your business. You don't have to upload statement data manually, saving you time and money

Statement data is transmitted via secure encrypted links between The Greater and XERO and cannot be accessed by anyone except you and if you allow it, your accountant.

You can register for XERO bank feeds through your online XERO dashboard.