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Celebrate Newcastle's Greatest Moments with The Greater

At The Greater, we understand that our most important assets are the people and communities we serve every day. Our customers are after more than just a bank on their high street, they want someone who recognises the brilliant and unique nature of the place they call home.

That's why we decided to celebrate each and every one of the communities we like to call home.

Beginning with Newcastle's Greatest Moments, The Greater is highlighting the fantastic achievements and milestones of the towns in which we operate. Some of them will be well known, but hopefully we've found one or two eye openers. (It's never a bad thing to learn just how great we have it in our own backyard!)

Novocastrians are a humble bunch by nature. We don’t like to bluster or brag about our achievements or our beautiful surroundings. But when you look at how far we’ve come since Lt. John Shortland first explored the area in 1797, you can’t help walking a little taller.

We are an export city - the first coal ships left our harbour in 1799, and they still queue patiently in the shallows of the Pacific.

Founded by Charles Menzies in 1804, we take our name from the famous English port, and we share the same can-do attitude and toughness as the Geordies of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Edward Tyrell plants his first vineyard in the Broken back Range in 1858, and in the same year the Newcastle Herald first goes to print. Both organisations continue to flourish to this day.

We are a fertile region for sporting heroes too, and we love them all. Clive Churchill, born in Merewether, goes on to become the iconic figure of a century of Rugby League. Mark Richards is inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame after being crowned World Surfing Champion four years in a row. The Knights and the Jets brought Grand Final glory back home in 1997, 2001 and 2008, with the Knights ‘97 victory bringing hope to a city stricken by the abandonment of industry.

We are major players in the Arts too. Our world class Gallery, opened in 1977 by Queen Elizabeth II, continues to bring the world to our doorstep. Archibald Prize winning artist William Dobell was born in Cooks Hill and went on to become a knight of the realm. And Newcastle wouldn’t be Newcastle without the sound of ‘Nirvana in Pyjamas’ – our very own Silverchair.

And we have so much more to be proud of as we step into the future. HMRI continues to conduct vitally important research into major diseases, with the support of the Greater Charitable Foundation. Newcastle was named one of the Top 10 cities in the world by travel guide Lonely Planet, and it’s easy to see why given the constant evolution of the city thanks to projects like Honeysuckle and Renew Newcastle.

So join with The Greater and celebrate the many moments which put Newcastle and Novocastrians on the map, and which make up part of our collective history. The Greater is proud to be a part of Newcastle - always have been, always will be.

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