Author: DavidBryde

Who do you really bank with?

Do you know where your money is? It's a simple question, and one most Australian banking customers would probably answer "yes" to. But with the Australian financial landscape more densely populated than ever before, our Product Manager David Bryde points out the importance of knowing exactly who your bank is in bed with.

The explosion of banking options in Australia in the last decade has been good news for the customer. More choice means more options for those who aren't satisfied with their current financial institution, which keeps pricing honest and competitive.

But it is important for customers to know exactly who is handling their money. As a lot of smaller financial institutions have appeared, their relationships with larger providers haven't been made as readily apparent as they might have been in the hope that they can maintain an air of independence.

Luckily, online comparison site has completed a snapshot of the Australian Financial Industry which details exactly where each bank or provider stands.

As you can see, The Greater is totally independent. We are a Building Society, which means we are customer owned and operate solely in the interests of our customers and the communities in which we operate. We were recently unveiled by Roy Morgan research as Australia's most-loved banking organisation, with a customer approval rating consistently over 97%.

If you are able to identify your current bank in the graphic below and don't like what you see, or if you've been thinking about making the switch to The Greater, why not give us a call today on 13 13 86.

This Graphic was first published in 2013. Since the publication of this Graphic Beyond Bank have ceased their partnership with Citibank.