Author: Steve Goverd

Why getting the right Car Insurance means proper peace of mind

Car Insurance is something most of us forget about until we get our renewal notice. But, as Greater Partnerships Manager Steve Goverd points out, none of us can afford to forget to make sure we’re properly covered.

We spend so much time in our cars these days it can feel like we should just install a bathroom and kitchen in the back seat and move in for good. Back and forth dropping the kids off at school, running around town for work, driving around to see friends on the weekend, or making the long trip to our favourite holiday destination, we are a nation of heavy car-users.

This may be due to the fact that we live in a country with so much space, or it may be because we are busier nowadays than we ever have been. Whatever the case may be, I’d venture a guess that hardly any of spare a thought to our Car Insurance while we’re out there cruising Australia’s highways and byways.

And that’s the way it should be – Insurance should be something we get and forget, safe in the knowledge that we’re covered for any eventuality. But unless you get the right cover, you might just find yourself vulnerable when the unexpected occurs, whether it be a flat tire, or an at-fault accident.

Luckily, there are a few simple things we can consider when looking for the right Car Insurance. For example:

  • Consider Your Driving Record – if you can’t remember how long ago you had that speeding fine, it might be worth checking. You need to be sure to provide and honest and open account of your driving history, as not disclosing these details can lead to your policy being void when you need it most.
  • Who will my policy cover to drive my car? It’s important to assess who will be driving your vehicle and make sure you mention all regular drivers to your insurer. The last thing you need is for your P-Plater to take the car for a spin and mount the curb, only to find yourself paying for the damage out of pocket because they weren’t covered by your policy.
  • What will my excess be? If you’re involved in an accident and need to file a claim, you will need to pay an excess. You are able to set your own level of excess when setting up your policy, and this may increase or lower your premium. Asking for a higher excess and lower premium can seem wise, but you need to ensure you can pay your excess in the event you find yourself in an accident.
  • Look for discounts and deals – Its always great if you find an insurer with a proven track record who is willing to go that extra mile to get your business. The Greater Building Society has partnered with Allianz, the Large General Insurance Company of the year for three years running. 
  • What are my payment options? If the idea of paying off your premium in one lump sum doesn’t appeal to you, you may like to consider the option to pay off your premium by the month.
  • Consider Customer Service - Before you sign up with an insurer based on the incentive of a lower premium, you may want to consider the complete customer experience you are buying into. Your premium may be cheaper because the level of customer service offered by your insurer is lower than you expect. Ask yourself – do you really want to make a claim over the internet in the event you’re in an accident? And will you be waiting in an endless telephone queue? Insuring with Allianz through The Greater offers industry leading customer service through the Allianz 24 hour claims service, and The Greater branch network.

By making sure you cover off these few simple considerations you can ensure you will be covered out on the road and in the hip pocket. It’s not rocket science – its just Car Insurance, so get the right cover to best suit your situation.

If you would like to learn more about Comprehensive Car Insurance with Allianz through The Greater, get in touch with us today:

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Got any other handy hints when it comes to getting the right Car Insurance? Share them with us in the comments below.