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Laughternoon at the Starlight Express Room

Oh, to be a kid again, right? The world at your feet, nothing to do but play and learn and have fun!

Unless of course, you are one of many Australian children hospital bound with a serious illness. So that these kids don't miss out on having fun while getting the treatment they need, the Starlight Captains from the Starlight Foundation bring the party to them.

With the support of the Greater Charitable Foundation and Greater Building Society volunteers, the latest stop on the party tour was the Starlight Express Room at the John Hunter Hospital. Guest blogger Captain Starlight recalls what was a fantastic afternoon.

Greater Building Society staff Amanda Howard, Sarah Goodman, Fiona Smith and Paras Pappas join The Captains

We had quite an exciting Laughternoon in the Starlight Express Room today when we were joined by some wonderful volunteers from the Greater Charitable Foundation.

The ladies were given a tour of the Starlight Express Room then it was all hands on deck for today’s craft activity. We were making string sculptures by dipping wool into glue & then winding it around balloons of different shapes.

We all became closer as our hands began sticking to each other as well as the glue bottle, the scissors (which we soon nick-named “Louie the Gluey Scissors”), the wool and the table.

With flashes of colour & slurps of glue, our masterpieces quickly took shape & we hung them up on a hoop to dry.

After some serious hand-washing it was then time for our lovely volunteers to become “Balloonatics” through Hooplas “Ballooniversity Course 101”.

Step by step we made lovely bouquets of colourful flowers that the ladies gave to the children in the Starlight Room.

After supervising some face-painting and joining us on air for the daily quiz it was time for the Vollies to go with some amazing craft, fantastic new skills & smiles all around!

The Starlight Captains are always bringing smiles to seriously sick kids with the support of The Greater Charitable Foundation.

Captain Starlight will be writing Guest blogs for us whenever time allows - it can be hard to find time when you're having so much fun!

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