Author: Matt Scully

Saving Money - who said it had to be hard?

Sometimes it can be hard to see how far we have come with our Savings, or if we are even getting anywhere at all. So it helps to know we're on the right track, writes Greater Transactional Services Manager Matt Scully.

Saving money doesn't have to be hard work. With the right advice, saving money can go from being the endless slog towards a distant destination to an easy-to-follow count-down to getting what you want sooner.

The two easiest wins you can achieve on your savings journey are figuring out how long it will take you to reach your target goal, and opening the right account so that your great saving habits are not going to waste.

  • Know your Savings Timeline - so you know that you need some money, but it seems like a lot of work. It will take you forever to save that much, right? Not necessarily. Get started by using our handy Savings Goal Calculator. Simply punch in how much you need to save, how much and how often you can contribute to savings. Hit calculate and you're done - you now have a realistic timeline to follow, making reaching your goal seem that little bit closer.
  • Open the right account - if life were a fairy tale, you'd be the industrious ant, not the lazy grasshopper, right? Well we think you should be rewarded for your good saving habits. At The Greater, our Bonus Saver puts your savings to work. Each month you make at least one deposit and zero withdrawals, we'll pay you a great rate of interest on your balance. You earn interest on your interest so your money grows - it's all part of what we like to call Making Life Greater.

Don't believe us when we say that saving money shouldn't be hard work? Our friends at Mozo agree with us. They've put together the below simple infographic, explaining how the things we want in life are right at our fingertips.