Author: Captain Starlight

Captains to the rescue at Robina Hospital

Imagine you are a young person struck with a serious illness. While all your friends and family are enjoying the comforts of home and the world at large, you are confined to a hospital ward in what is supposed to be the best years of your life..

Sounds grim, huh? But imagine that one day, in walk some weird looking guys and girls all in purple, yahooing and carrying on and encouraging you to cast off your frown and have fun. You play games, sing, make craft and tell jokes.

This is exactly what happens every time The Captains from the Starlight Children's Foundation make a hospital ward visit, with the support of The Greater Charitable Foundation. Fun is infectious and kids of all ages can't help but get caught up and forget their troubles for a while. Our guest blogger Captain Starlight fills us in on his latest visit to Robina Hospital.

Beep, beep, boo, beep, beep! The Captain Starlights picked a distress call coming from the Robina Hospital. Communications say that there bored teenagers desperate for fun and smiles. So without delay the Captains boarded their rocket ship and blasted straight to Earth. Armed with so much craft they could barely fit it in the ship.

Captain Starlight arrived to find what looked like the onset of the zombie virus. Teens lying about and moving very slowly, however since they did not want to eat brains we entered. Captain Starlight lured them into having fun with bracelet making, crazy door hangers, Easter cards and much more.

These apparent zombies had become reanimated. We have found a cure! It is awesome craft and the friendly faces of some galactic visitors. One patient was so proud with her new loom bracelet that she said it is now a reminder of the fun she had today and a light for cloudier days.

Captain Starlight continues to be able to make a difference at the Robina and Gold Coast Hospitals with the support of the Greater Building Society's Greater Charitable Foundation.

Over and Out,

Captains Starlight, Brisbane Team.

Captain Starlight will be writing Guest blogs for us whenever time allows – it can be hard to find time when you’re having so much fun!

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