Author: Wayne Dean

It's never too late to start giving blood.

Donating blood for the first time can be very daunting but the benefits outweigh the slight discomfort in bucketloads!  As the Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank visits The Greater's Head Office in Hamilton on May 5th, our I.T. Helpdesk Manager Wayne Dean lets us know what his first time donating blood was like.

Afraid of needles? You're not alone. Many people share that fear but find that they can still give blood. What most say is that the slight initial pinch pales in comparison to the feeling of accomplishment they get at the end of a successful donation!

Greater: Last time the Blood Bank rolled into town was your first time donating - how was your experience?

Wayne: The food was great, and my donation did not hurt that much at all. It feels good helping out people in need.

Greater: What are the reasons you didn't donate before?

Wayne: Probably scared a little. Also, it used to be a long process when we had to get transport to the hospital. Now you simply go downstairs.

Greater: What changed your mind about donating this time around?

Wayne: I went to the Red Cross presentation here at work and heard a great story from a blood recipient and her gratefulness of receiving donated blood. If she can handle that procedure, surely I can handle such a minor involvement.

Greater: Would you recommend donating to others?

Wayne: I would recommend it to others. It saves lives. Maybe someone close to them will need it one day. Maybe even you will need it.

Greater: What would you say to those others out there who have a fear of donating or who haven't done it before?

Wayne: I was surprised by the familiar faces I saw donating, in particular female staff. I thought if that many girls can do it, then so can I.

Greater: Would you donate again?

Wayne: I will be donating again for sure. It isn't that big of a drama, you get some food! And think of the lives you will be saving.

The Red Cross Mobile Blood Service will be at The Greater Building Society's Head Office on Monday May 5th.

To see when the Red Cross Mobile Blood Service will be near you and to make an appointment to donate, visit the Australian Red Cross website -