Author: Jason Moffat

Stay smart when banking on your phone

It seems like banking is getting more and more convenient these days with the continued advent of smart-phone technology. And we love it! Australians are among the most addicted on earth to their smart-phones as they make our everyday lives easier with convenient functions and apps. It’s important however, to protect ourselves so that we can make the most of Smart Phone Banking. Greater Corporate Risk and Security manager Jason Moffat explains how.

Whether you do most of your banking online or on your mobile, or are relatively new to such technology, there’s no denying the convenience of being able to do your banking in the palm of your hand. The concept of having a bank branch in your back pocket is not new, and neither are the potential risks that come along with it.

Mobile Banking is much safer than most people perceive – banks go to extreme lengths to ensure that their customers can enjoy secure access to their money where and when they choose. This being said, there are still little things we can all do to avoid placing ourselves at unnecessary risk. Some of these things include:

  • Use reputable, password protected Wi-Fi™ - When out and about, it can be tempting to take advantage of any free internet hotspot we find ourselves in. However, if the network is unsecure, the potential is there for criminals to hijack it, placing trick websites for you to enter your personal details. Only using reputable and password protected networks eliminates this risk.
  • Never store PINs passwords on your smartphone – Many of us can think we’re being clever by hiding our PIN or password in a text message or contact phone number, but if your phone were to fall into the hands of a criminal, do you want that info on the phone in ANY form? Always memorise your PIN and password, and never store it on your phone.
  • Install smartphone security software – Just like you would with your home PC, it’s important for you to protect the mini-computer you’re carrying around in your back pocket. Download a reputable, up to date version from an official supplier, and reduce your risk of falling victim to malicious software.
  • Avoid ‘Jail-Breaking’ your device – Some advanced users may be tempted to crack the manufacturer’s security settings on their smartphone, which is not advisable. What few benefits it brings are surely outweighed by the fact that you instantly void your warranty while making it easier for cybercriminals to target you.
  • Never open attachments or download Apps from untrusted sources – Goes without saying, but if you are ever sent an attachment from an unrecognised source, or are offered an Application from such a source claiming to be your bank, do not trust it. The Greater’s Apps are available on the official Android Play Store and the official iTunes App Store only. To view and download the latest version of our Apps – click the links below.

Android Devices - Download The Greater's App from the Google Play Store

Apple Devices - Download The Greater's App from the iTunes App Store

At The Greater, we want all our customers to feel confident doing their banking on their smartphone. Using our official App, Mobile Website and Mobile Internet Banking, we feel that we’re able to provide an outstanding range of banking solutions, available anytime, anywhere.

By following these few simple steps, you reduce your exposure and risk to potential threats while banking on your smartphone.

Check out The Greater's website to find out more about our Internet Banking and Mobile Apps.

If you feel you have been the attempted target of cybercriminals, have noticed something untoward while banking on your smartphone, or would just like more information, please get in touch with us. Drop us a line on 1300 651 400, leave us a comment below, or let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Google +,

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