Author: Gary Luck

Keep the winter blues out of your back pocket.

We don’t usually associate winter with spending excessive amounts of money. Most of us prefer to stay at home and keep warm with loved ones. But when our costs just to stay warm become too much for us to ignore, we need to make changes to protect our savings. Greater Branch Manager Gary Luck has some tips on staying warm without getting burnt.

The drop-off in temperatures into winter has seemed pretty steep this year – seems like only a few weeks ago we were all in shorts and t-shirts and heading down to the beach.

Now that we’re headed into the heart of winter, it can be pretty easy to just reach for the heaters and crank up the air-conditioning. But before you do, just take a little time to remember the feeling you had last spring when you opened your winter energy bill. Is that feeling something you want to revisit? Didn’t think so…

Lucky for you, we’ve got some handy hints and tips to help you survive the colder months and come out the other end, skipping into the sun with your wallet still intact.

  • Bundle Up – One of the easiest ways to save money in winter is simply by using all those cosy clothes in your wardrobe. Don’t just let them sit there gathering dust – put on your jumpers, your dressing gowns, your socks and slippers, and you’ll find yourself forgetting about the air-conditioner and shivering less.
  • Think before you heat – If the wind whips and the mercury plummets, and you find yourself forced to turn up the heat, be sure to only heat the main rooms you’ll be spending time in. Close the doors and windows, use door-snakes to keep the heat trapped. Heating a smaller space takes less time, so you can switch off your heating devices sooner, saving you money.
  • Get the proper insulation – Scary amounts of money are lost each year due to escaping heat and cold air in homes without the proper insulation. Getting your insulation right will only cost you once, and will last for many years, providing you with toasty comfort. Double glazed windows may be a little bit more expensive, but seeing as so much heat is lost through glass, it may be worth your while.
  • Is it humid in here? – It may sound weird, but winter makes the air inside your home very dry. Getting a humidifier will make the air feel warmer, and moist air also holds onto heat for longer. Make the most of your heater-use by adding just a touch of humidity to your rooms.
  • Beware the exhaust fan – Think twice before you switch on your exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom. Not only will it use more power, driving your heating bill up, but the fan is removing hot air from the high-points of the room. This cools the room down, making you reach for the heater, and the cycle continues.
  • Let there be lightIf you’ve got large windows in your home, take advantage of a little solar power. By opening your blinds during the day, you let the sunlight pour in, heating your home. Once you get home in the afternoon, draw the shades and keep any residual heat trapped inside.

These changes may seem small and incremental, but you will be surprised just how much difference they can make to your power costs, and your savings.

If you’ve got a cost-saving tip for winter that we haven’t mentioned, leave it in the comments below!

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