Author: Renee Hudson

Getting Home and Contents Insurance Right

Home and Contents Insurance is often just something we renew each year and are reluctant to review. However, as our Cessnock Branch Manager Renee Hudson points out, taking the time to get it right can be well worth it.

Home and Contents Insurance is unlikely to be a topic that sets many pulses racing – let’s admit it. For most of us, we’re comfortable just renewing our policy each year as long as the price doesn't rise too much.

As it’s now tax time though, it can be well worth your while to take a closer look at your Home and Contents Policy to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can, and to make sure you haven’t left yourself vulnerable by being under-insured.

I've put together a simple checklist below that you should read and consider while reviewing your policy.

  1. Home ground advantage? – if you work from home, you might be interested to know that you will need to have a separate business insurance policy for your work space, to cover any damages that occur in your home office.
  2. Man’s best friend – If your family love pets, you should ask the right questions when it comes to your insurance. Not all policies cover damage done by pets, so if Fido has a tendency to chew, it’s worth making sure you won’t be left vulnerable. It's also worth noting that Home and Contents Insurance with Allianz through The Greater will cover your Dog or Cat for vet bills totaling up to $500 if they're injured in a road accident - good to know if you have an active pet with a high traffic volume nearby.
  3. Look for discounts - Be sure to ask your insurer what sort of discounts you may be eligible for so that you can get yourself the best deal possible. Ask whether you qualify for a no claim bonus, a security, multi-policy or seniors discount. Taking the time to ask can save you money!
  4. The underground menace – You may find it difficult to get cover for termite damage as a part of your Home and Contents Insurance policy. Pest damage, including termites is usually considered by insurers as the responsibility of the home owner, as technically it is a preventable event.
  5. Be aware of your limits – A common mistake policy holders make is to not properly make themselves aware of the limits of their policy. Things like jewellery or DVDs are usually only covered for a set amount. If you have assets worth more than the policy limit, for example if you have an extensive jewellery collection, you should consider insuring these separately or run the risk of not being able to fully replace them.

So if you’re thinking about reviewing your Home and Contents Insurance this tax time, keep these few simple considerations in mind.

When it comes to getting the right cover for your Home and Contents Insurance, it’s good to know that you’re with one of Australia’s leading insurance providers. That’s why The Greater has partnered with Allianz.

If you’re interested in making the switch, you can get a quote online anytime

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