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Tying the knot shouldn’t mean breaking the bank

Is 2014 the year you and your beloved get hitched? Once the excitement starts to build, it can be easy to get in over your head. But as our Lismore Branch Manager Jenny Read points out, you can still enjoy the wedding of your dreams without the post honeymoon financial hangover.

If you’re in the lead-up to your wedding in 2014, firstly, let me extend you a whole-hearted congratulations! Regardless of what type of wedding you and your partner have planned, you’re in for one great roller-coaster ride of happiness, excitement, photography and cake. So much cake.

Something you've probably noticed by now is that there can be a lot to organise, and planning a wedding doesn't come with a manual. Just because there’s been a shiny engagement ring exchanged doesn't mean you’re suddenly a wedding expert, right?

So I've put together some helpful tips which will hopefully allow you to navigate the road to your nuptials while avoiding some of the financial potholes.

  • Stick to budget – Firstly, work out exactly how much you and your partner are willing to pay for your big day. Once you have this figure, stick to it! By striking out blindly without a budget in mind, your costs can quickly add up. If you could use a little help, why not try using our Savings Goal Calculator?
  • Save, save, save – If you’re frantically saving for your wedding, it makes sense to put your money to work and squeeze every penny from it. Planning a wedding is the perfect time to open a high interest savings account. By opening a joint account, like The Greater's Bonus Saver, you can pool your funds and be rewarded for your good habits. Bonus Saver pays a higher interest rate when you make multiple deposits and zero withdrawals in a calendar month.
  • Think outside the box – Don’t be afraid to break from ‘tradition’ if you think you can get a better deal without compromising your day. Wedding venues can be double the cost to hire on Saturdays as they are other days of the week for example. Has your guest list blown out? Don’t be afraid to review and trim it. Do you need a three course meal? A glamorous cocktail affair can cost much less. And when planning your honeymoon, don’t be afraid to shop around and ask for newlywed discounts – you might be surprised what you can save.
  • Get what you want, sooner – If you’re impulsive, or just can’t wait to be joined in matrimony, you may like to consider a Personal Loan. A Loan from The Greater offers competitive rates, flexible repayment options and can be approved in as little as 24 hours, so if you make an enquiry today, you and your beloved could be hitched and jetting off into the sunset before you know it.
  • Enjoy the perfect honeymoon – In the whirlwind of planning, it’s no wonder many couples forget to take out Travel Insurance before driving away on their honeymoon, tin cans trailing behind the car. It’s definitely something worth thinking about however – should the unexpected happen while travelling domestically or abroad, it’s great to know you’re covered.

With these tips in mind, the most important thing you should remember for your wedding day is to make sure you enjoy yourself – it flashes by so quickly!

If you've got some helpful wedding budget tips to share, why not leave them in the comments below?

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