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Author: Lynn Mangovski

Top tips for Women in Business from Hunter Collective

Four inspiring women came to Newcastle and the Hunter this week to give local women the benefit of their warts and all stories of success at the inaugural Hunter Collective. (The tips I gained from the event will help men too.)

We heard how they have disrupted, challenged and broken the rules of their respective industries, how they have overcome massive challenges and backed themselves with 100% commitment to create new markets, products and niches. Here’s my summary of the tips from each speaker and the top 10 tips that went up on the whiteboard during the event.

Lisa Messenger Founder and Editor of the magazine Renegade Collective. Lisa had never run a magazine before but was sick of the pop culture. She joked about starting up a magazine in an environment where others were shutting them down. 

My take home message: Anything is possible.

Pip Stocks is the Founder of brand research agency Brandhook. Pip impressed everyone with her story of failing to secure a job when it had been insinuated the job was theirs.

My take home message: Be resilient and never take anything for granted.

Pinky McKay is a best-selling author of parenting books. Pinky said it is OK to be in things for money but also do it because you love it and because you know you can help people. The more money you make, the more you have to reinvest to help more people. (This resonated with me because the Greater’s recent good profits this year are being reinvested in the Greater Charitable Foundation and in new mobile and digital banking services for customers.)

My take home message: Just get on with it.

Jane Huxley is the Managing Director of internet radio company Pandora. Jane had a mentor who told her “it’s not personal”. She started to write it on the top of her notes each meeting to detach her emotion from the job (most of the time!).

My take home message: Develop a thick skin and remember it is not personal.

Top 10 tips for women from the Hunter Collective.

  1. It’s not personal – in business (and in life) you need to develop and thick skin
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Move quickly
  5. Meditate. Each of the four speakers (and most of their partners) were into meditation as a way of relaxing and staying healthy
  6. Be fearless
  7. Communicate
  8. Pull up your big girl panties (Pinky says this to herself when she hit walls of resistance. I loved her 'just get on with it' attitude.)
  9. As long as it’s not harmful to small children (Another Pinky mantra. Whatever crisis you come across (as long as it’s doesn’t harm kids) it can’t be that bad.)
  10. Fail fast

Thanks to the four speakers for sharing and being so informative, warm and generous.

The Hunter Collective is the brainchild of leadership organisations UQ Power and Ideation at Work. The Greater Building Society was proud to be the major sponsor of the event to help women to share ideas for personal and business success. It is another way we thought we could help to make people’s lives greater.

Did you go to the Hunter Collective (or wish that you had been able to go)? Share your comments and tips below.