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Author: Captain Starlight

Captain Starlight and The Greater sign off for 2014

As The Greater Charitable Foundation prepares to spread fun and laughter with Captain Starlight for the last time in regional hospitals for 2014, we thought we'd look back on what The Captains had been up to recently.


September 22nd - 24th - Armidale & Tamworth visits

We were thrilled to be on the road in our rusty van, sponsored by our terrific friends at The Greater, on our way to Armidale and Tamworth Hospitals!

We headed for Armidale and met our friends from The Greater so that we could head straight up to the children's ward. We met some gorgeous little friends there and made one littlie extremely happy when we gave them a special teddy bear and made the teddy sing and dance to some old favourite nursery rhymes.

We then found out that we had another friend who was very bored in emergency. We quickly went down to see what activities we might be able to do in order to help our friend's wait seem a bit quicker.

Before we even got there we ran into a little friend in the corridor so we had some fun with him and made some balloon animals for him to take home.

Once we arrived in emergency we went into a quieter room and we sang, danced, played games, made balloons and even had some photos taken. Our friend was tickled pink to receive the BIGGEST bag of goodies you've ever seen and he couldn't wait to get back to school to tell all his friends about his experience.

Our visit was over and it was time to get back on the road and head to Tamworth! Off we went in the Starlight Express Van!

We arrived to a ward full of friends to hang out with. Our friends from The Greater crafted it up a notch with everyone and we all made special little bags and painted and glued jewels and googly eyes on them to make them look gorgeous! Then it was games time! First we all played a big game of Go Fish. There were lots of winners because we played about five rounds! We made balloons and had games of Javeloon (which is a very famous sport on Planet Starlight!).

After a couple of hours of buzz and activity everyone was a little bit tired so we all sat down together and gathered around other friends' beds and read a beautiful story.

What an amazing regional trip we had; thank you to our special friends from The Greater for helping to make it super special and for helping us create some magical memories.

October 8th - Maitland visit

Off we went in our Starlight van to visit the children at Maitland Hospital. We met our friends from The Greater and headed up to the children's ward.

We found some lovely friends to hang out with and made all sorts of balloon animals. We were challenged to make mermaids, fairies, butterflies and even a frog (ribbet!). We even taught some of our new friends how to make some of the animals that they had challenged us to create! They did extremely well too.

One friend owned his own horse so we made a balloon replica of his horse and called him 'Spotty'. He had all the same markings and everything! Our friend was very impressed.

Our Greater friends and us Captains had a great morning and are all really looking forward to seeing everyone at Maitland Hospital again soon.

November 5th - Maitland visit


We met our lovely friends from The Greater and gallivanted up to the children's ward to find some friends. We were super lucky to find a fellow craft extraordinaire in one bed so we decided to hand craft some gorgeous satchel bags. Our friends from The Greater were so artistic and creative too.

Once we had all made bags we decided to create an art gallery. The Captains entered the gallery and were extremely impressed in purchasing the artworks that our curator (our little friend) had hung.

We even had a special auction and then presented a merit award with a special Starlight stamp of approval to the curator.

We saw lots of little friends as well and had loads of balloon making fun with them, and we played lots of awesome games.

Gosh, we had a lovely time today - thank you to our special friends from The Greater for making it an extra special visit.