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Author: Kylie Deans

How to avoid a financial hangover this NYE

With Christmas all bought and paid for by now, we can turn our heads to what we might like to do to celebrate the New Year. Whether you’re young, wild and free, have started a young family of your own, or are approaching retirement, we all deserve to kick back and revel in the festivities.

The Holidays are a time where most of us get to take time off work, break up our day to day routine, spending time doing what we love and ignoring the usual workaday commitments and troubles.

The one problem with this is that sometimes we can let bad habits creep in (or just forget our good ones) which can cost us money. If you listen to four short pieces of advice before charging off to begin your new years celebrations, have it be these:

1 Use fee-friendly ATMs whenever you can

When you’re out and about seeing the fireworks or heading from one pub to the next, and you need cash, don’t just settle for the closest ATM. Hitting up the ATM multiple times in a night can add up at $1.50 to $3 a pop. Greater customers can use any Greater branded ATM  Australia-wide without a direct charge fee, plus you can find one nearby on your phone with our ATM locator. Simple!

2. Make payments on your mobile

Say you left your wallet at home, or your mate shouts you for the night at the pub – there’s no need to wait until you get home or to the nearest ATM to pay them back. Our Greater Mobile App allows you to add new payees on your mobile and begin making payments on the spot. Pretty straightforward, right?

3. Just tap-and-go

If you’re wrangling three kids watching the fireworks, or you’re carrying a tray of drinks through a crowded event – the last thing you want to do is be fumbling with your wallet, trying to find cash or the right card. The Greater’s Visa Debit Card and Credit Card are both available with Visa payWave technology, meaning that you can tap-and-go for purchases under $100. Get in, get out.

4. Pay bills on time

Often we spend more than we bargained for over the holidays, as the festive spirit throws out new opportunities for us to have fun. If your balance is lower than usual, but your regular direct debit payments are still due, you could get slugged with late payment fees. A great, handy way around this is to set up a Direct Debit SMS or Email Alert, within The Greater’s Internet Banking. Quick to set up, they’ll give you a heads up that a payment is pending so you can top-up your balance in time.

By taking advantage of these helpful products and services, your wallet will be refreshed and ready to go on January 1, instead of in need of a holiday.

If you’ve heard of any handy hints or tips to avoid a financial hangover this new year’s eve, let us know in the comments below.

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