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Author: Tracey Farrugia

How to give a financial gift this Christmas

You know the drill.

Every year you get, and receive some gifts that are well intentioned, but that leave you thinking… “why?” The Christmas jumper with the giant reindeer on the front. The golf-club tie-pin. The industrial size pack of hair elastics. And the dreaded undies and socks… so many socks.

This year, before you join the throngs battling for bargains in the packed out shopping malls and spend 2 hours trying to find a parking space, maybe you should stop and take a second to consider your purchases. I’ve put together a few ideas that are not only really thoughtful, but useful as well.

Multi Currency Cash Passport

This is the time of year when many of us like to kick back and take some time off work. Whether we prefer to laze on the beaches of Bali, or backpack through Europe, we all have to pay our way, and carrying large amounts of cash in a foreign country can be a bit of a risk.

So why not pick up a Multi Currency Cash Passport for your loved one? You can pre-load it for them with up to ten different currencies, they’ll have access to millions upon millions of ATMs and retailers that accept Mastercard worldwide, and because they’ll pay no international ATM and EFTPOS transaction fees, they’ll have more money to play with on their break!


If you’re feeling generous, and know someone who badly needs to join the 21st Century, why not pick them up a smartphone for Christmas? Brand choice aside, using this amazing piece of technology will allow them to make banking a whole lot easier. They can set up SMS and Email Alerts for their accounts, plus, they’ll be able to download The Greater’s Mobile Banking App.

Available for Apple and Android devices, the App allows you quick access to your money using a 4-digit access code, lets you add new payees and pay bills on the go, plus it features a range of helpful banking calculators as well as the ability to locate a fee-friendly ATM anywhere in Australia.

Open a Life Saver

If you’ve recently welcomed a little son or daughter, or even a niece or nephew into the world, chances are you’re already making planes for their bright future. One thing you may not thought of however is their financial future. By opening a Life Saver account on their behalf and making regular deposits you can ensure the balance continues to grow thanks to a competitive interest rate.

Plus, when they reach the age for their first part time job, they can take advantage of transaction-fee-free banking* by opening a linked Access Account and using it for their salary. Our Life Saver Account teaches young Australians the right saving habits – it gives them a fair go while their savings grow!

If you’ve got some creative ideas for a financial Christmas gift, why not share it with us in the comments below?

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