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Author: Kylie Kendell

Getting off to a fresh financial start in 2015

Welcome to 2015. Resolutions at the ready, we all charge out into the world intent on making this our year. Very few of us, however will consider how our best made plans will affect us financially. Our Muswellbrook Branch Manager Kylie Kendell has some general advice on how to put your best foot forward this year when it comes to your money.

Consider fixing your home loan

Most experts are tipping the Reserve Bank to leave the official Cash Rate untouched at 2.5% well into 2015. So if you’re unhappy with your current rate and think you could be getting a better deal in this homebuyer-friendly environment, maybe now’s the time to speak to a Greater lending expert about making the switch. By locking in a great low fixed rate for the term of your choice, you can ensure stability in your repayments for the year ahead.

Put your savings to work

Maybe one of your resolutions is to buy your first home this year, or start a family, or maybe even treat yourself to that long overdue dream holiday. Goals like this are fantastic – they keep us focussed and allow us to work our hardest. So it only makes sense that your savings should be working as hard as you are. Use our handy savings goal calculator to track your savings journey, and see just how quickly you can get what you want. Watch your nest egg grow with one of our High Interest Savings Accounts – you can even open one online and start earning interest straight away.

Manage your money better

If the holiday season has left you with little more than a few moths in your wallet, you may be wanting to get a better handle on your spending this year. With the amount of innovative and helpful products and services available these days, this should be a breeze. To start with, you should reconsider if you’re using the right account for your needs. Do you want a simple, straight forward, low fee account, or do you use your card a lot and want transaction-fee-free banking? Secondly, you may want to consider setting up one or a number of SMS and Email Alerts on your accounts. By doing this, you can keep an up-to-the-minute eye on your bottom line, and manage your money accordingly. And lastly, if you’re thinking ahead, it may be time to make a complimentary initial appointment with a Financial Planner to discuss strategies to maximise your chances of a stable financial future.

Invest in their future

Whether you start 2015 with a new family, or you’ll have a family by year’s end, you’re no doubt experiencing a range of new responsibilities. One of these is surely to help your kids get off to the best financial start possible. Our recently launched Life Saver Account is perfect for budding savers. You can open one on your child’s behalf to begin saving for their future, and when they’re old enough to handle managing the account on their own, they’ll be able to link their Life Saver Account to an Everyday Account for transaction-fee-free banking.

Time poor? No more excuses!

Many of us will claim that we would like to be able to manage our money better, but we just don’t have the time. While this may be the case for some things, it’s no longer an excuse for things like everyday banking and paying our bills. Personal devices like tablet PCs and smartphones have made banking faster and easier than ever. Our Internet and Mobile Banking platforms let you manage your accounts, set up and pay third party payees and BPAYⓇ, open accounts, enquire after our products and so much more, all with the push of a button. Plus, our Mobile App makes doing your banking even easier – our new 4 digit logon code means quicker access to your money. No muss, no fuss – pretty straightforward.

By evaluating how you performed based on your financial expectations for 2014, and making some quick and easy considerations for the year ahead, you stand better placed to make 2015 your year financially.

Got any tips that helped you get off to a fresh financial start? Share them with us in the comments below.

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