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Author: Captain Starlight

Captain Starlight brings magic to The Gold Coast

One, two, three, Abracadabra!

Captain Starlight had arrived on their weekly visit to the Gold Coast University Hospital to spread joy and laughter throughout the children’s ward.

Upon their arrival they met a young girl named Lara, who was resting in her bed with mum and dad.

The room was quiet and still with Lara left with nothing to do, until Captain Starlight burst through her door. As soon as Lara saw Captain Starlight her mood instantly changed, she sat up in her bed and giggled as Captain Starlight magically found fairies floating all through her room.

“You’re magic” Lara’s laugh filled the room with joy and wonder. Captain Starlight was super excited to show Lara their colouring in book, but tragedy struck and the Captain Starlight’s colouring in’s had disappeared!

What would Captain Starlight do?

Never fear, Lara’s here, and with a stroke of her magical fingers and her special magic word, Captain Starlight’s colouring in’s came back and the day was saved.

When Captain Starlight asked if she would like a balloon before they left she asked Captain “could I please take one home for my brother Ky too?” Captain smiled and made them each a sword for playtime once she was home.

“Thank you so much Captain” Lara was thrilled! Not only had Lara saved the day but also she had selflessly thought of her brother in her time of hospitalisation, amazing!

Thank you Lara for saving the day,

Over and Out

Captain Starlight, Starlight Express Room

The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Brisbane

Captain Starlight and Greater volunteers make regular trips to NSW and South East QLD Hospitals thanks to the support of The Greater Charitable Foundation. Together they've been spreading fun and laughter together for some time - click here to see some of their past exploits together!