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Author: Captain Starlight

What's the recipe for a super awesome Starlight visit?

After a recent visit to Gold Coast Hospital with support from the Greater Charitable Foundation, the Starlight Captains reckon they've got the key ingredients to making sick kids smile down pat!


  • 2 Captain Starlights
  • 3 games of Uno
  • 15 stickers, 10 temporary tattoos
  • Tonnes and tonnes of artwork
  • Mr Squiggle
  • Copious amounts of bad jokes
  • 8 hours of no-stop laughing
  • 1 improvised musical, with original songs and choreographed dance numbers
  • 2 sword balloons, 1 flower balloon


  1. Pour 2 Captain Starlights into the Starlight Express Ship. Ensure the ship is preloaded with Puppets, Face paint, Magic, Bubbles and Ukuleles. Strictly no frowns allowed.
  2. Separate the Uno cards into 4 piles and challenge two worthy opponents. Celebrate success and be gracious in defeat, even when you lose…every time.
  3. Place Captain Starlight and kids outdoors and mix in ridiculously fun craft and beautiful weather. Here Captain Starlight always adds a dash of ‘Card Games’ to play while the craft is drying.
  4. Enter a room proclaiming ‘I am the greatest psychic in the world’. Mix in some card tricks, mind reading and bad jokes. End with a well received game of Mr Squiggle.
  5. In the natural progression of ‘Super Amazingly Awesome Starlight Visit’, brighten a child’s day by improvising a musical based entirely on them, with full-choreographed routines and original songs. Once laughter has been simmering for 10 minutes, top with 2 stickers and 6 temporary tattoos.
  6. Add a sprinkle of puppetry to taste.
  7. Brighten the lives of seriously ill children, leave them with a balloon animal as a reminder of their Starlight experience.

When plating up your Starlight interaction, be sure to successfully flip every frown into a big smile. Once the interaction has ceased, this smile will remain and be shared throughout the hospital.


Reach as many children as possible. From Earth, past the Gold Coast, to the other end of the galaxy. Spread the Starlight experience as thickly as you can. It’s so good for you!

We're thrilled to be able top partner with The Starlight Foundation through the Greater Charitable Foundation, providing funding and volunteer support for Starlight Hospital visits across our regional footprint.

See how we're involved in a community near you here.