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Author: Jason Byrne

Making Mobile Banking a cinch

The past 12 months have been a busy time for us here at The Greater. With the goal of straightforward banking in mind, we felt it was time to make some significant changes to the way our customers are able to do their banking online.

We’ve completed the roll-out of our responsive website, we’re helping customers through our growing social media presences, and now we’ve updated our Mobile Banking App for both Apple and Android users.

The latest update not only gives our App a fresh new look, it incorporates features designed to put simple money management in the palm of your hand. You can now easily logon with a 4-digit passcode, manage your accounts easier with our paired down homepage, add a new payee and set up payments on the go, and view more past transactions.


Sound good? We’re just getting started. Over the next 12 months, you’ll be seeing further improvements rolled out, many of them recommended by you during our recent customer surveys.

Seeing as many of you will be downloading the latest Greater Mobile Banking App update, it’s probably a good time for a quick refresher course on protecting your privacy on your mobile. Here are some good rules of thumb to follow:

Beware untrusted apps

You’d think it would go without saying by now, but it surprises me how many people still download apps and software onto their phones from untrusted sources. All safe roads lead to registered App stores, like those run by Apple and Google, as you can be sure any app on offer in these stores has passed crucial privacy testing.

Protect your device

We like to think we carry our phones with us everywhere, but in reality, many of us could keep a closer watch over our device. Ensure you’re using appropriate device protection such as passcodes, pattern-locks, or thumbprint ID activation, and never leave your phone unattended in public.

Erase all apps when recycling your phone

When we download apps and enter in our details for ease of use, we very rarely think twice about it. But when it comes to recycling our phone, these apps remain in place, sometimes with our sensitive or payment information still saved. When it’s time for a new phone, make sure you delete all such apps off the old phone, especially if you plan to recycle or throw it away.

Use antivirus software

We all make sure our PC has the right virus protection, but we rarely consider our smartphone would need the same cover – why? We are essentially carrying a small, internet-capable computer in our pockets. Check your provider’s app store for the best anti-virus software to suit your needs. Go with someone you can trust!

Avoid apps that leak your information

Many apps are leaking your private information without you knowing it. Your location data is the most private thing on your phone – the problem arises when apps that don’t need access to this sort of info ask for it. When downloading a new app, check what sort of data the app requests in your device’s privacy settings, and carefully consider what you’re willing to release.

If you’re interested in learning more about online banking security, you can check out our full suite of Internet Banking Security tips here, and stay up to date with The Greater’s recommendations on Fraud and Security here.

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