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Author: Jason Byrne

We've upped our Mobile Banking App game...

Up front

The first thing you’ll notice is our Mobile Banking App has a simplified new Landing Page.

When we spoke to our customers, we realised that crowding this screen was a bit confusing, as most people just want to hop on and intermittently check their balance or perform transactions.

We’ve decluttered this screen, giving you clearer access to your money.



How to find us

Our customers love being able to find their nearest fee-friendly ATM using our Branch and ATM Locator within the App, but felt the process could be improved.

The locator is now accessed using the left hand slide-out menu, and opens natively within the app, Displaying the nearest Branches and ATMs to your current location. 

A simple change, but each little convenience helps.


Our Calculators

We’ve changed up the look and feel of our calculators within the app, as well. Our customers told us they loved being able to figure out their borrowing power or their possible loan repayments, but that they could be made more ‘straightforward’.

We’ve simplified both calculators, displaying all the information entered AND the results generated on just one page. This way, it’s easier to make quick changes to test multiple scenarios.


Stay in touch

It’s now easier than ever to get the right answer sooner. We’ve listed all the contact numbers you could possibly need, meaning you can get in touch with the relevant expert straight away.

We’ve also added a new section to the App called ‘Information’, containing all the essentials you might need, including our Mobile Banking FAQs.


To start enjoying all the new features on offer in our latest iOS Mobile Banking App update, be sure to download the latest version from the App Store today.

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