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Author: Captain Starlight

Captain Starlight touches down at Gosford Hospital

What a spectacular day in the children’s ward at Gosford Hospital. We got to meet so many wonderful new friends.

We had one little friend who made up a new song for us to play on our ukuleles and it was called “The train song”; in the song we got to make all the train noises we could think of whilst strumming chords on the ukulele and then we got to pretend to be trains and decided that the way a train would say goodbye would actually be “Toot! Toot!”

“Toot! Toot!” Then we were off to the Starlight Salon to paint some swimming dolphins on someone’s arm and it turned out that this particular friend was actually a celebrity on earth and she was even more famous than Taylor Swift and then she introduced us to a new band called Lemonade Mouth (they must really love fizzy pop!).

Off we danced to meet even more friends and then we realized we hadn’t even shown everyone how awesome we were at Irish jigging- in fact, we are the champions on Planet Starlight so it was pretty much a necessity that we show everyone. We also performed a brand new version of Twinkle, twinkle that went down an absolute treat.

So many songs and dances were had today and our friends were bopping in their beds with the ‘smelliest’ of smiling faces you ever have seen.

Thanks for a grand time, friends in Gosford! Until next time…. Tally Hooooooooo!