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Author: Jayne King

Tips to keep track of your finances at Uni

So you’re off to Uni, huh? Bet you’re sooooo excited!

You should be – you’re about to have your horizons broadened and be exposed to a myriad of new information and experiences.

You’re now probably over 18, which means you’re considered an adult (sorry to tell you…) and for most of us, our Uni days will be the first time we’re able to experience true financial independence.

You’ve probably picked up part-time or casual work, which means you’ve got more money coming in, but your expenses are about to grow as well.

Here are my best tips for managing your money at Uni:

You're used to cramming, right?

You know a thing or two about absorbing all you can quickly, from your years of acing exams last minute. Well, now’s the time to cram when it comes to budgeting.

If you didn’t take Commerce or Economics at High School, get all the help you can get. The Greater has put together a cheat sheet for you in the form of our How-To Guide to Budgeting, and our How-To Guide to surviving as a student.

We’ve also got the tools to help you manage your money anytime – check out our Budget Calculator to make sure you’re keeping track of your expenses.

Look out for number one!

While your new independence is liberating, it can also be isolating knowing that you’re now reliant solely upon your own income to get by.

When it comes to choosing who to bank with, it’s good to know you’re with an organisation that has your best interests at heart, and is willing to give you a fair go.

The Greater’s Life Saver Account was created specifically for those under 25 in mind – we’ll help you grow your savings by rewarding your good habits with a great high interest rate, and fee-friendly everyday banking.

What’s more, our Mobile Banking App puts the bank branch in your back pocket, meaning you can manage your money when and where it suits you.

Why #goals are important

You’re well versed in the concept of working towards a set goal by now. Years of assessment and exams have ensured that.

While it’s important to maintain the rage when it comes to your study, use this way of thinking to grow your savings and make sure you’re never caught short.

It doesn’t really matter what your savings goal is – it could be an end of semester holiday with mates, a new car, or a rental deposit for your first place.

Setting goals will keep you honest with your budgeting, and will make sure your savings steadily grow. Check out our guide to setting savings goals, and use our savings goal calculator to track your journey.

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